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May 06, 2015

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Why do you need life insurance? Most people die with some financial obligations, such as the ongoing income needs of their family, mortgage payments, or funding future college expenses. While there are other financial tools, life insurance is the only instrument that can provide instant cash at death.

Life insurance takes a relatively small amount of your money and creates capital that will be available at the exact instant that it is needed and in the exact amount desired.

How much life insurance do you need? Many financial planners suggest amounts ranging from 10 to 20 times your gross annual income. But the right amount is really based on your individual needs. You have the right amount of insurance if after being honest about obligations to your family and others, that you will be able to sleep comfortably tonight.

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This is a request for a Minnesota Life insurance quote, not a policy application. Submitting this form does not obligate you to purchase any life insurance products. Please complete this form as accurately as possible. Life insurance rates are subject to change.

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